Sony KDL40HX803 set up help?!


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Hey guys, just bought the Sony KDL40HX803 and it's great but I can tell I really need to play around with the settings. That said, I'm fairly useless with the technical side of things and am at a loss as to where to start.

I've got a Sky HD box which I predominantly view sport (football) and general viewing.

I also have an xbox 360 which is for either FPS or FIFA.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I feel like the TV can do so much more and I want to get it as perfect as possible.


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I'd recommend you use the 'Game' mode on the TV when using the xbox as this turns off some of the video processing features on the TV and reduces input lag. For anything else, just use 'Cinema' mode.

In the advanced picture settings, its usually best to disable any of the settings here (black corrector, dynamic contrast or whatever this particular Sony has) if you want a more accurate picture.

If you have any DVDs with the THX optimizer on it, you can use that to set up some of the basic settings such as brightness & contrast. There are more accurate ways available to calibrate your set, but you will have to be willing to pay for that.

One last thing I can think of is to check that the display area is set to 'Full Pixel' for the xbox. This enables 1:1 pixel mapping so no overscan is applied to the video image. You could also enable it for the Sky+HD input, but when watching SD channels, you may see some small black around the image on screen.

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