Sony KDL40D3000U or KDL40S3000U


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Hi Guys

I'm in the process of purchasing a new T.V and have more or less narrowed it down to these two options.

Sony KDL40D3000U or the KDL40S3000U. I find them to be closely priced and am totally unsure as to which one is the best. I will mainly be using the onboard freeview, ocassionaly a dvd and hopefully soon a PS3 :)

If anybody could give me some advice as too which one is better the D or S range and why, it would be much appreciated.



You should take the D3000 for one reason.D3000 accepts 1080p signals.Also it has 24p compatibility which the S3000 does not has.So with that you can enjoy more features of your ps3.Also 100Hz helps on SD

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