Sony kdl40-hx703 movie streaming help


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Hi there,

i need some help before i go round the bend!! I have a Sony KDL40 HX703 which i'm extremley pleased with in particular the quality of the HD picture. What i'm struggling with is the ability to view content from my pc via the router to display on the tv.
Does anyone know how to do this?

Here is what i have set up at the moment:-

the tv is plugged (ethernet cable, not wirless dongle) into my wirless router via the ethernet port on the tv. My PC connects wirlessly to the router.

I have successfully managed to enable sharing on windows media player and the icons appear in both the music and movie parts of the cross media bar in the home screen. I can access all the music on the pc this way but no matter what i do i cannot access any of the movies in fact they do not even appear as a listing.

I can play them via a usb stick by renaming them divx.avi and they play fine but it kind of defeats the purpose!

Anybody know the answer i'm going potty trying to get it to work and sony are useless!!

Any advice greatly recived.

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