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EDIT: I did post in the owners forum before making this thread. Not sure if this was the right place to ask.

Been lurking around for a while and decided to join after spending a few weeks hunting for a new TV to replace my old cheapo HD Ready set that gave up working. After spending a lot of time reading various threads and reviews and doing some research I scrimp and saved and made the purchase of a KDL32W653. Was going to go for the 42 but in reality 32 is big enough for this room. 80% of the time its main use is as a PS3 gaming TV with a PS4 later down the line and than standard TV content through the tuners on the TV, possibly a Freesat box at a later date although am I right in saying this TV has recording capabilities so it takes the need for a separate box away really? I dont have an Arial so I have used one of the cables from the old Sky install. Works and picks up channels no problem ( didn't need the dual feed for the sky box anymore) but the guide is very slow or it just doesn't show the current/next program name etc and it also includes every regional channel so the list is about 300 (free services) 780 ( free & paid services) Is there a way of sorting this or are there pacific settings I should be using? I just used the default settings when first starting the TV up so I dont know if I should have chosen something different. I dont really do TV so I know little about the varius options or settings and what they do or should be.

Ive had the TV about a week and after spending a few days going through this whole thread and the Picture Perfect site im still not quite happy with the picture so I dont know if Ive missed something or its just me and my environment coupled with the fact that Ive always had a cheap over saturated "Vivid Mode" TV. My eyes are fine BTW, checked a few weeks ago. :laugh: The room is quite dark during the day and has little natural light or lights on in the room as I prefer it that way when gaming and watching movies etc. I have used a mixture of settings and I have worked a few things out but as im not "clued" on to what half the settings or things do even after reading the i-manual im not too sure what I am actually changing and if the way I have set it up is right. I will point out that when using the "preferred" calibration via the Picture Perfect site and VEGACORTEZ settings Post 206 I find the image too dark with Cinema & Warm. I just cant get on with it like that So I have used mossmanfly's settings Post 194 and im much happier with the picture overall with the Neutral setting. Is it OK to use those settings across all connections inputs or should I be changing the settings for say normal TV viewing to the PS3 via HDMI? As in Target Input being current or common.

Connections/Video Input Settings:
PlayStation 3 is in HDMI 1 & SkyHD box in HDMI 2. Colour Matrix is left at Auto, Dynamic Range has been set to limited on all connections and the RGB setting on the PS3 is set to limited. SBM? is set to off. Should I be changing anything else on the PS3, does it matter witch input it uses?

Scene Select:
If I understand it right I have it left on Auto in all input modes but a little confused here. Theres Auto and Auto (24p Sync) that doesn't show when viewing normal TV. Witch one if it makes a difference or should I really be using a different scene setting for each input?

Picture Settings:
Reductions are off for all inputs at the moment and in advanced settings everything is also off as Ive understood thats the general rule of thumb especially when it comes to gaming and response time however Ive noticed some changes that to me look OK but than maybe im looking at the wrong thing and im one of those mugs that get drawn to shiny rather than natural. Black Corrector pending on whats on the screen looked better in some situations and so did Live Colour especially on the PS3 or is that my eyes playing me for a fool LOL. I also noticed this with Detail & Edge Enhancer. TV viewing yes granted it produced over sharpening in some aspects when it came to say text or logos on screen etc but than using those settings via the PS3 I noticed it made some things stand out better on screen when it came to objects in the background like trees and fences (was playing F1 2010) but than this would add to the response time or deliver an over sharp picture overall.?

Sound Settings:
I was planing to buy a Sound Bar at a later date but for now im using the TV's sound. I use a pair of Turtle Beach PX22 headset but for some reason when I connect it via the PS3's AV output I get like a crackle/distorted type sound form the right side. Changed cables and tried different settings but nothing seemed to fix the issue, this happened on my old TV as well so I just assumed it was the PS3 with a dodgey connection and used the alternative method witch was using the Audio out inputs on the TV and that worked fine with no sound issues however there is no audio out on the Sony 32" (red/white inputs) as there was on my old TV. Only a headphones input. Im guessing I need to find a way to hook up to the headphone socket using a different cable and change settings on the TV? Would they work correctly doing it this way?

I have turned off all the settings under Eco

I understand everyones different. Some prefer lighter, some prefer darker etc and everyones environments are different and maybe my eyes need some time to adjust and get used to it as Ive always had low budget over saturated displays but at least if I know I set everything up correctly in terms of connections, PS3 settings etc and have that base settings to start with Ive got something more solid to go on. I have been in and out the menus more times in this week on this TV than I have overall on any other television in my lifetime and its starting to melt my brain trying to work all this out so any help or advice appreciated and apologies for the very lengthy and probably confusing post.

On a side note I am very happy with my purchase and had no issues with John Lewis (first time using them) or screen issues. Have been staring at the screen at all angles near and far and from what I can tell I have no issues with pixels or banding, light uniformity, dse etc. Was a bit worried about the whole stand being used as a wall mount thing but I can say its solid once up. Theres a bit of wiggle room but once its seated right its fine. The light/logo isn't as obtrusive once you get used to it either.[/quote]

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