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SONY KDL32W4000 - Background whites overwhelming


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Hi everyone,

Just purchased a SONY KDL32W4000, and whilst I have already read and agree that the factory settings for the "Normal" picture settings are way too bright; i'm still finding that incidental / background white areas of the picture are way too bright when settings are adjusted for a good picture otherwise.

The "problem" is most evident in programs like "A Place In The Sun", where internal shots of a property might have an external, brightly sun-lit window in the frame. The brightness of that window I just find completely overwhelming. Likewise, "Masterchef" has a very clinical white, brightly lit set and again, I just find the background whites way too bright.

I've tried backlight down to minimum, and various different colour temperature settings all in conjunction with different brightness / contrast settings, but nothing I do seems to reduce the intensity of the background white without also making the rest of the picture too dark!

Any comments or suggestions?!



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Is advanced contrast enhancer off?

Cinema mode with backlight minimum, contrast 60-80 and brightness 40-50 and warm1 or warm2 colour temperature are the usual settings, I believe.

Unfortunately, many television shows are shot with stupidly hot contrast these days, maybe just try turning the lights up more in the room when you're watching stuff like this?


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I don't really notice this on my 32W4000 but as Yellowsphere says, many programmes like the 'fix your house in 30 minutes' and such like seem to have overwhelming glaring whites especially when outside in a garden with some sky as a backdrop.

I use the normal picture mode with backlight to 4, colour/contrast/brightness all around 50 - 55, sharpness to 0, colour temp neutral, no advanced features on.

Overall I'm very impressed and must say my old Sony CRT showed the same whiter than whites on some programmes.


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Thanks for the comments guys.

Having found and followed the instructions in this thread...


...I am now much happier with the picture. The "after" RGB settings at white balance level 4 are significantly lower than my set's original values, and this seems to have made all the difference - although I admit there may be a psychological element involved! The new settings have also reduced the red level which several people seem to have commented is turned up a bit high on the W4000's factory calibration.

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