Sony KDL32V200U Power consumption


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Looking to purchase a Clearer Audio mains power cable (yes they work and sharpen the picture, honest I was a doubter)

They have asked me which fuse I want fitted, the Sony free plug comes with a 13A fuse.

The TV draws 14.5W and supplied by 240V, which equates to .06Amps, can't beleieve this is correct, what fuse amp should I fit. I phoned Sony UK and they were technically confused!

I phoned Pioneer about my 989 and they stated it should be fine with a
5 Amp fuse. Shows Pioneer take customer support seriously.

Back to the Sony LCD, any advice or should I stick with a 13A fuse


Mike Paul


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NX3 did you measure the power consumption in standby and off as well?
I have just bought a 32v2000 and have measured the following:

Backlight full (No powersaving) 146 watts
Backlight 3 (No powersaving) 108 watts
Backlight 3 (powersaving low) 77 watts
Backlight 3 (powersaving high) 62 watts
Standby 1 (straight way) 24 watts
Standby 2 (after about a minute) 10 watts
OFF 10 watts

the last two results are considerably higher than the sony spec says.

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