sony kdl32d3000 hdmi problem - not working?


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Oct 23, 2007
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Edgware, North West London
I've got a Samsung HD-DVD870 with hdmi out. When I connect it to my new sony tv with hdmi lead, I can't see or hear anything, and its not showing up in the 'device list' even when I search for it.

I've set the samsung to progressive output, at 576, or 720, and every other setting!, and it does not show up.

The DVD player does recognise when I plug the hdmi lead in, as it won't let me choose progressive output unless the lead is plugged in, so it knows it's there.

Is this an inut selection problem with my TV? I've been through the manual a million times and I can't sort this problem out.

Or is my DVD player faulty? (It's secondhand so I don't know for sure).

Any help appreciated.

I've got 3 different hdmi leads including a new Mark Grant one, so I don't think the lead is the problem (tried all of them).

Make sure the lead is pushed into the HDMI sockets quite firmly.

When I first set my D3000 up with my Sony NS78 upscaler, I couldn't get the pair to find each other either.

Around midnight that evening I finally tried pushing the cable in 'a bit further' each end and got the HDMI LED up on the DVD player, and saved what was a wonderful day that was rapidly going South.

Good luck.

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