Sony KDL-W5500 SERIES *Part 4*

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I have a small square in the bottom right corner.
Does anyone know how to remove it.

Have you tried the i+ button?
I was plagued with the time display down in that corner. I eventually got rid of it using that button... it took a few tries though.


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I will probably give them a call ok, but with something like this, with only slow software I think they might try to wriggle out of it tbh. I think they would be more likely to replace it if the screen went or something more serious.

As for the update, its from July 2010, and the website says the improvements are:
Improvements in this version

Autotuning does not skip services in case that an active RF input is used.
Event information in EPG is properly associated to the relevant services

So quite minimal, but I thought I would try it anyway just in case it might have helped. Alas, no.

Just as an update, and as a bit of a dig at Sony UK, I never received any call or email from Sony after I emailed them.

Poor customer service.

The problem seems to have rectified itself slightly, not as bad as it was. No idea what caused it or made it get better.


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New Firmware released

Sony : KDL-52W5500 updates | Download updates for KDL 52W5500 | KDL52W5500

Applicable models

KDL-22E5300 / E5310
KDL-32E5500 / E5510 / E5520 / V5500 / V5610 / W5500 / W5710 / W5720 / W5730 / W5740
KDL-37V5500 / V5610 / W5500 / W5710 / W5720 / W5730 / W5740
KDL-40E5500 / E5510 / E5520 / V5500 / V5610 / W5500 / W5710 / W5720 / W5730 / W5740 / WE5 / Z5500 / Z5710
KDL-46V5500 / V5610 / W5500 / W5710 / W5720 / W5730 / W5740 / WE5 / Z5500
KDL-52V5500 / V5610 / W5500 / Z5500


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Can someone let me know what input lag is like on this television for PC game purposes, etc. ?

Thank you all.


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Hi guys

Sorry to bring this old thread up but something changed on this once great tv of mine. On 23th these black horizontal bars appeared going from dark to light from one side to the other.

Called sony and they said my 5yr warranty expired in sept and they said to update the firmware and they will escalate the claim up the chain to see if they can honor it or partially honor the expired warranty. I updated the firmware to no avail obviously. And they said to call their authorized repair centre near me. They said they only did in warranty work and out of warranty work wouldnt be worth it.

Called sony today, waited 25min for answer and asked kindly what was going on. They said to hold on and I waited and they got back to me, they cant do anything for me.

3 months out of warranty on a 5yr warranty and tough luck. Im not happy abit, tv broke, ps network down, whats next my sony amp going?

Think I paid 1250 from sony centre, cant afford to spend that again. Worest xmas ever. [emoji29]


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