Sony KDL-S32A12U audio out please


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Hi all I have been given a Sony KDL-S32A12U to replace another tv that is not worth fixing, its only used in the play room with games I had the old tv linked to a Marantz 7.1 amp and speaker so the games sound great, the problem is this Sony tv does not seem to have audio out but I think I must be going mad it must have somewhere no one would make a 5 year old tv of this quality with out audio out its got 7 inputs.

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According to a review Sony Bravia KDL-S32A12U Review | TVs | CNET UK

There's also a pair of stereo audio outputs if you want to supplement the sound performance with an external amplifier -- but sadly no digital audio output for connecting to a home cinema receiver.

So connect the stereo out to your AV reciever and select Dolby pro logic for surround sound.
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