Sony KDL-S23A12U


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I have been reading with great interest all the comments about the new Sony LCD models (which I have been waiting for). I was going to buy the Sony KDL-S23A12U but I am really unsure now.

The set is for the bedroom and I want to be able to watch freeview (and maybe DVD) but mainly I want to connect it to my HP Media centre and watch programs recorded on my RDR HX-1000 which are now stored on hard disk.

I also intend to use it for playing MP3's (although the sound will come from the PC surround speakers) and listening to the radio. The PC will be in the adjoining room connected with a 10m lead so I need the display to navigate the menus etc.

So I want a 23 inch LCD, with PC input, Freeview tuner and if possible HDMI inputs. Does anyone know if such a beast is available and if not, if one is on the cards? Also does anyone have the Sony KDL-S23A12U and if so what are your comments?



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