Sony KDL-EX653 and vertical banding


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Couldn't find a fitting thread so I'll post here:

I bought a Sony KDL-46EX653 just last week from a sale, couldn't resist going 6" up from my previous Sony LCD-TV, plus getting access to HD-channels was a plus too.

The picture is decent and the TV's working just fine, except for vertical banding... Right from the first football match I watched, it became obvious that the thing had some weird bright stripes on it when the camera was panning, found out it was called vertical banding.

Now after having messed with the settings and updates and what-nots for a week, it's almost unnoticiable but it's still there, and since I mostly just watch football anyways, I keep noticing it, or even look for it.

The thing is: what should I do? I mean the vertical banding is barely noticiable, other people who have watched my TV say that they barely even noticed it, and that only after I asked about it from them.

Now I have a 30-day full return right from the shop I bought it from. I presume Sony doesn't care in the terms of warranty, so this is my only window of opportunity to do something about it. I like the model, and Sony for that matter (at least for now), so I wouldn't want to take it back and put in more cash for a better model.

The question is, finally: should I return this thing or not, and should I just try another TV of the same model? I've heard that this condition, vertical banding, is very widespread and returning the TV might just have me end up with an even worse unit. What's your opinion? Is it that widespread or should I expect perfection from Sony when it comes to vertical banding, as in I could and should try another unit?



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To bumb my own thread I'll insert another question:

Anyone figured out how to turn that Motionflow off on this thing? As it's only 100hz Motionflow on a 50hz panel, they've thought that they don't need to a straight-out option for it like in the other models. I've tried turning off everything and putting all the movie-modes and -scenes on but to no avail. I think it's off when I do that while watching from an input source like DVD/BR or Xbox. But can't watch HD-channels without Motionflow messing them up.


If your not happy and given the vertical banding issues your not, I'd get it replaced asap. Its likely a fault with that unit and fingers crossed the next one will be fine. Some older models from 2008 had a big problem with it but since then you get the odd case on here not mass the entire range or series this year is a write off. You should be happy with your set, thats your right as the customer.

Motionflow, if you can't find a setting to turn it off try game mode as that will reduce as much picture processing as possible to reduce input lag for gaming.

Personally I like motionflow but on the right settings, I use "clear" which is clear, smooth and reduces motion blur without being overly processed.

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