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    Good Afternoon gang,

    I've been a quiet viewer on these forums soaking up the information being shared until recently encountering a problem I could do with some assistance on,

    I purchased a Sony KDL-55W809C from MK Sony Centre in November 2015, all had been well until recently when the TV started to become a bit unpredictable when being powered on.

    The TV when powered on (from standby) begins to boot and upon reaching the SONY logo it restarts, it then begins to boot again displaying the different coloured circles which then change to read ANDROID and it turns on. This only began to happen recently and previously it would just power on straight to the chosen input as dictated by my harmony remote.

    Now, occasionally when the TV is powered on (from standby) the light bar at the base of the TV flashes Green/White repeatedly and then goes into a loop of a red flashing light. It flashes six times and then stops and then flashes six times again and repeats this continuously. During this time the panel does not appear to be powered on.

    I have tried to find any reference to this in official online Sony material to see if it is a fault code being transmitted but cannot find anything to confirm what the fault is.

    If the TV is turned off at the mains and then turned on again after a few minutes it will do the double boot (as described above) and then work okay until it randomly decides to go into the flashing red light mode.

    Has anyone any experience of this or something similar? If so did you manage to rectify it and how?

    Fortunately the TV did come with a five year warranty but I wanted to speak to some fellow Sony owners before I engage with Sony so as to avoid being potentially fobbed off.

    Thank you for your time.

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