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Hi there. Long time reader and grateful recipient of tech tips on this forum. Thanks guys. I'm a first time poster driven to post due to an unfathomable problem with my otherwise brilliant Sony KDL-50W829 concerning its use with Apple TV. ie, Playback of my movies is juddery and marred by frame rate jumps and glitches rendering most movies unwatchable after 20 minutes or so.

I've searched the net and found some helpful threads but non of which definitely nails the issue with Apple TV and this particular set. I should point out that I'm pretty tech literate and have already tried a lot of the the obvious stuff. I'm hoping that somebody will have the final missing tip here.

ie, I'm aware that Apple TV (third, most up to date gen) doesn't have a fixed 24 frames output mode (unlike Blu Ray players etc). I'm also aware that Sony has all kinds of 'motionflow' and 'film mode' / 'cinema mode' settings that should be turned off to prevent it trying to mess with the frame rate. And I'm also aware that setting the Apple TV to 50Hz or 60Hz better matches the refresh rate depending on the content being shown, and that all of the above measures have fixed this super annoying issue for lots of people.

But for me, with my 50W829 they're still there. And it's super annoying because before I got the 829 I had an old Sony KDL-32V[cant remember the number] 1080i LCD that worked GREAT with the Apple TV. Result is that my other half (who hates the size of the 829) wants to flip back to the 32V and hates me 'fiddling about' trying to get the ruddy thing to work properly.

I guess the old V TV was refreshing at a rate Apple TV liked and this new-fangled stuff is mis-matched some how. (BTW: This is not a buffering/loading issue. It's all super responsive and loads great and always has on my network). Old TV works great - new posh TV... nope.

Blu rays play great on the 829 - locked in at 24 frames. Inexplicably as does anything bought or rented on iTunes so the ATV can and does output smoother and 'freindly' signals when it wants to. I don't know what rate/trickery is afoot here but the TV LOVES anything obtained through the proper channels (shall we say).

BUT my big collection of movie rips (MP4 and MKVs carefully converted with MP4tools and Subler etc) give the motionflow fits of judder. I've tried everything, flipping between 50 and 60Hz output on the ATV, motion flow off/clear/impulse/you name it (off seems to be the only thing that stops the fits) and Film Mode 'off' and 'auto' (neither of which fixes the issue or seem to be different to each other) but the best I can get is good playback for the first ten minutes then... slowly but surely... I start seeing dropped frames and, after about 30 minutes, huge jumps ever five or six seconds as it leaps to catch up and sync up with the audio again.

Every time I think I've nailed it - different combos of TV setting and Hz outputs on the ATV - it creeps back in and spoils the show.

Stopping the movie, flicking between 50/60Hz on the ATV fixes it for 20 minutes but then it creeps back again.

I'm thinking that until Apple update with a PROPER locked 24 frames output then the 829 is going to hate it. (BUT that doesn't explain why bought iTunes - streams and downloads - play perfectly!)

My conversions have been the most basic 'non invasive' flips from MKV to MP4 or converting DTS to the AC3 that ATV uses rather than anything that messes with frame rate so it's very hard to pin the blame on the conversion process. But I could be missing something? Any MP4Tools experts out there?...

Anyone have any ideas? Similar problems or solutions? Thanks guys!

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If the bought or rented films look great and have no problems it must be something to do with the conversion of your home movies.

I have the sony 32" you refer to and I am sure I have seen the same thing happen, your not just noticing it more now on a larger screen?

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