Sony KDL-46X3500 Signal keeps refreshing from V+ box


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I've just started experiencing problems with my Sony KDL-46X3500 when viewing Virgin Media channels, connected via HDMI to the V+ box. Every 5 minutes or so, the sound cuts out briefly and the channel which I have set up for V+ shows in the left hand corner, along with the 1080i setting ie "AV6, 1080i". The picture doesn't suffer during the sound cut. Also, when I have the V+ sound wired via optical into the home cinema box (DAV-IS10), the sound doesn't cut out. However, the channel still seems to refresh on the TV by briefly displaying "AV6, 1080i" in the top left corner.

Any ideas - this has only started happening a couple of days ago. I've tried changing the HDMI cables, re-routing V+ through a different HDMI socket in the TV, all with no effect.

Does this sound like a TV setting issue, or a V+ issue? I did fiddle with the TV settings at one stage, and also recently installed the optical cables.

Note that the TV is fine when connected to a BD player or Home Cinema.

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