Sony KDL-40EX 503/Sony BDP s370 settings advice.


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I've recently bought a Sony KDL 40-EX503 tv and a Sony BDP S370 Blu-Ray player.
I've managed to adjust all the various picture settings, i.e. Scene,backlight,contrast,sharpness,etc.etc.etc for the TV input and the AV input (Virgin set-top box). I've just burnt a DVD with some HD video footage from my Canon 7D. It plays fine and I'm able to change the scene mode ok, but I'm unable to access the other settings, such as sharpness, brightness, etc, etc. When I press the HOME button on the tv's remote control it just displays the word HOME on the blu-ray player's display, but it doesn't bring up the regular menu, as it does when the input is on TV.
Can anyone tell me how I can adjust the picture settings for the HDMI-1 input (Blu-ray player).

Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you.


The "Sync Menu" button will bring up a menu allowing access to the TV function "TV control".

It is possible to change the behaviour in the "External Inputs" - > "HDMI Set-up" -> "Device Control Keys"

Normal is just the specific Bravia Sync keys (FFWD, RWND, Stop, Theatre)
Tuning keys are number keys, EPG etc.
Menu keys are Home and Options

If they are included they are passed to compatible devices (such as your Blu-ray) rather than being handled by the TV.


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Thank you very much indeed. I've changed to Menu Keys-Home and Options and have now got full control.
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