Sony KDL-40D3000 and A/V Sync


Hi Guys,

I'm looking to upgrade my A/V receiver, as my old one doesn't support A/V sync, so I get that lovely lip sync problem if I want my audio in Dolby 5.1

A lot of lower end A/V amps only seem to have a fixed setting on A/V sync of 68ms. Does anyone know what delay the KDL-40D3000 needs for proper sync, or will I need to buy a high end amp with a variable delay?



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If you really want to correct lip-sync you need one of these dedicated audio delay boxes reviewed here:

I say that not because it's cheaper than replacing your receiver but because no receiver I have ever seen provides the control over audio delay needed for true lip-sync correction.

Most don't have enough delay (some only 80 ms and few above 200 ms and even those minimal delays are cut in half at 96 KHz!) and all receivers I've ever seen put the delay adjustment in an obscure menu making it imposible to adjust the delay while watching without distrurbing the image and that's the only way to zero in on perfect lip-sync.

Most receiver manufacturers treat the lip-sync problem as if it were caused entirely by the fixed delay of a LCD, DLP, or plasma display but that's often half the problem. Lip-sync error is present in the source material and often exceeds the error added by the display. It's therefore often necesary to tweak the delay at the start of a DVD or new program and all three manufacturers covered in the review make this easy at the touch of their plus or minus buttons on their remotes without distrurbing your image.

I've been using earlier Felstons (DD340 and then DD540) since 2004 and just got their newest model which has added direct numeric delay entry (a keypad) which is nice for macro control but the "most important" feature is "still" its plus and minus buttons to shift the delay while watching.

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