Sony KDL-32W4000 software update


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I'm having an issue with my Apple TV 2 and my 32W4000. Since the latest Apple software update, every few seconds the display will flicker, this happens in the menus and when playing video. Apple are aware of problems with some Sony TV's and are supposedly working on a fix (it works fine on the cheapo 19" in the bedroom). In the mean time I've rolled back the Apple TV.

The reason for the post is to find out if anyone knows either what the latest software version of the W4000 is or if it is possible to update it manually.
The version on my TV is B.N-CS-Q-C.T.GC-A.CY.T

I've contacted Sony and an authorised maintenance company, neither of whom could seemingly answer either of the above questions.

I've found a few old posts about manually updating (and firmware for) similar models, but not the 32W4000. I've also seen posts about OTA updates for the W4000 in the past and am watching the DTG site but wondered if anyone knew any more?



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Have you looked on ? Depending on your model you can download some firmware and flash using a usb pen drive.
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