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I'm about to take delivery of the Sony KDL-32V2000U. I was wondering what it would be like as a computer screen as well. I know the res wont go as high as a proper TFT but is anyone using it as a pc screen as well?

Pics would be great too.

Thanks all



Budget??? It cost's £ must earn way too much! :D
It's available for £1170 inc postage with a 9 mth int. free finance option from or for £1008 inc delivery from

Of course, if it's coming from John Lewis for £1295 with a 5 Year warranty then that might be a better deal, depending on your circumstances.


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I have used a 30" Sharp model (3yrs old) & my new Sony 40v for PC and the image when resolution is at either 1024 x 768, 1280 x 768 or 1360 x 768 is doing a perfect image as it matchs the tv's vertical res. It is so sharp like if you set a pc to match the res of your pc tft lcd. The benefits are huge apart from obvious screen size. The brightness & constrast & viewing angles are perfect on the tvs, on pc monitors they are quite rubbish in comparison. I know that games have to be set at these lower res but anti-aliasing helps smooth any slight jaggies over & hey your pc will work the frame rates quicker anyway. I also compared my X360 on pc monitor & Sony & Sharp lcd tv & they are all as good as each other as far as sharpness & clarity of image goes over the vga connection. Sorry can't post any images as my camera just does not do justice to the images & so is not worth it. Put it this way if you like lcd tft computer images then these should match it. I would think that this other Sony range would look just as sharp over the vga. Hope this helps!!

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