Sony KDL-32S2010U versus Toshiba Toshiba 32WLT66



I'm wondering if anyone can help. I am so torn between these two lcds. Just when I thought I had my heart and mind set on the Toshiba I find out about the Sony. There is only £78 price difference between the two which in the grand scale of things, doesn't mean a lot.

I have read about the difficulty in getting pc's to work with the Toshiba, and though it would be nice, it is not an essential. What I want is a tv that I can use in a top class home cinema setting for watching movies.

Also while on the subject of home cinema systems, can anyone recommend a good home cinema system that will work with and complement either of those tvs.

Probably rambled on and on, it's what comes from a bad bout of insomnia and hours of reading review after review and as many posts on the two models as I can :rolleyes:




I had this problem last saturday when i had to choose a replacement tv after my samsung died on me.
I went for the Sony as i needed the Pc connection,was tempted by the toshiba as it has two Hdmi connections.As i have skyhd and a samsung 850 it would be nice to have this option,but i'll get a splitter box for this.
The Sony as it has been mentioned before has a lot more flexability in options for tinkering the picture to the way you want it.
I think either tv would be a good choice.


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Yeah the PC connectivity issue is a factor for me also, but having read the various threads, it seems some have the Toshiba working with HDMI-DVI cables at a decent res' with only a few pixels missing on a Mac, whereas the Sony only supports a decent set of resolutions via VGA - I'd much rather use the DVI socket on my Macbook Pro...

Plus, there doesn't seem to be much verdict on the picture quality of the 'S' series Sony versus the WLT66 on Standard def TV. I'm guessing the Tosh would have the slight edge - only going for the 'V' series Sony would better the Tosh on this - just guessing though...

In summary:



Decent all round image quality
Possibly get some picture out of it on a HDMI-DVI cable on a Mac
2 HDMI sockets
No edge enhancement probs
Case looks slightly better than the Sony


Soon to be superceeded by the WLT68 in September (shall I hold out?)
Motion not quite as good as Sony
Slight Blue cast to blacks
Possible PC connectivity issues
Waxy faces! :)


Decent all round image quality
The Sony badge
Ok PC connectivity
BRAVIA image processing
It'll be a while before the next one comes out
Motion the best it currently gets

Bit more expensive than the Tosh
HDMI-DVI connectivity not as good as Tosh?
Case a little dull
Connectivity not quite as good as Tosh
Image quality a little down on the Tosh?

Feel free to correct me....

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