Sony KDL-32S2010 or Tosh 32WLT66??


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hi all

I've narrowed down my target purchases to two TV's now, the Sony KDL-32S2010 or the Toshiba 32WLT66.

Can you experts give me some views on each and tell me which one you would choose and why?

Thanks in advance


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In the What Hi-Fi 32" group test July 06 the following was said

1st place - Sony (5 Star) KDL-32V2000 Picture (5 Star) = Jaw Dropping, Sound (4 Star)=nothing Special, Features (4 Star) OK, an extra HDMI input would be nice otherwise most issues covered.
2nd place - Toshiba (5 Star) 32WLT66 Picture (5 Star)= In isolation it's stunning, but the Sony has better colour, Sound (4 Star) OK, It has good Bass weight for a TVof this type, Features (5 Star) Two HDMI key asset, and the whole thing looks smart and solid.
3rd Place - Samsung (4 Star) 32R74 Picture (3 Star) Looks good enough for everyday use, other better for Home Cinema, Sound (2 Star) Thin and sibilant, really needs good AV Amp, Features (4 Star) Smart design and good level of equipment for money.

I know you can get the 2nd place screen for £744.99 from Dixons online, so if the Sony is that more expensive you have to weigh up is it worth it..

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