Sony KDL 32s2010 or 32v2000u?



Can anyone please tell me the difference between these two sets, other than the design and price. I am looking to get a Sony LCD and have whittled it down to these two, but they seem to have exactly the same specs, so why is the 32v2000 more expensive?

Is it better?, or would a 'normal' person not be able to tell the difference?



I was in the same position as you, as far as I could see the only difference between the two was that the 32v200 had something called live colour, but no salesman could tell me exactly what this did.

The only way to compare the sets is to have them side by side with the same program and settings, difficult thing to do. I finally managed this at JL Bluewater and could immediately see the difference, the 32v200 picture was definitely better, particularly the colour so I paid the extra for the v, and am now glad I did.

Having had the set for a week now I have had the chance to play with the settings and the live colour increases the colour depth of certain things but not others and you end up with a more natural colour balance. With live colour off if you increase the colour, things like faces turn orangey, with live colour on this doesn't happen. This was particularly noticeable watching the Grand Prix last Sunday where the cars, particularly the Renault looked stunning.


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ive seen th 32s2010 a few times at it gives a great picture from HD sources, with great natural colour.



Think I'll pop down to John Lewis and take a look myself! :thumbsup:

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