Sony KDL-26U2000U/Sony KDL-26S2010U


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KDL-26Sanything are all the same on the inside - just the colour of the case is different.

KDL-26U is a different model which I've never seen yet. Apparently it's going to be priced below the S.


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I thought no 26" tv [s or u] had a s-pva panel? so wouldnt these two tvs be very similar? the price difference isnt much either
Yeah, that's right, no S-PVA panels below 32", like Andrew said. I'd like to see one for myself to see what the differences will be.


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For 26" there's not going to be much between them from the looks of things. However we don't know what the processing is going to be like. As it's now a 1-chip solution (I believe) it may actually be cheaper for Sony to put the same into all their televisions (bar the X series) so the U series could have the same level of processing as the rest but it could also be a cut-down version of the BRAVIA Engine for all we know.

Considering how cheap the S series is now (around what the U series RRP is supposed to be if I remember correctly) I would definitely go for an S, although things might change a few months from now once the U series price has dropped.

I'm pretty sure the specs on that site for the U series are wrong too - I remember it being on one of the European Sony sites (I forget which now) and there was definitely something missing connectivity-wise on the U series. (that site makes it look like the U has more)

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