Sony KDF-E50A12U - The Darkness !


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After months of reading up about it , today I saw this set in the flesh at a Sony centre . First impression was of it`s massive size , followed by disappointment at the darkness of the picture compared to all the other sets in store . Looking closely , it seemed to have plenty of detail but it was spoiled by being far too dark .

The very helpful salesman explained that all the sets in the shop were still at factory settings and the very bright shop didn`t show it off at its best , yet I became very uneasy at parting with over a grand for such a dim display . Not helping was the set next to it , a KDL46S2000U I think , which looked far superior - admittedly priced at £2.5k .

The question is , can I get this set home and brighten up the picture to a reasonable degree ? I can`t believe all those who have bought this set would be happy looking at such a dark screen ? .

For those interested in pricing - like me - It was offered at £1099 with delivery , installation and 3yr warranty (including bulb) another £80 . Deferred payment for 12 months after a deposit was also available at that price and I might`ve got it cheaper with a bit of haggling but the missus was adamant that we measure up before taking things any further :D . Salesman said there are still plenty available with a few days notice .


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Will Logiclee`s settings below significantly improve the brightness problem I saw in the Sony centre ?

picture mode=custom
colour tone=neutral
noise reduction=auto

Thanks for any help .


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Just adjust the settings yourself to your own preferred ones - if you want a brighter setting, then set it bright when you get it :cool:


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john316 said:
Just adjust the settings yourself to your own preferred ones - if you want a brighter setting, then set it bright when you get it :cool:

Thanks , John . It`s just that when I asked the salesman if it was a simple matter of making adjustments at home , he said yes but without much conviction .

If it`s as simple as that why on earth don`t they adjust them in the shop to let customers see the potential ?. Crazy if you ask me :suicide: .

John P.

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A rear-projection unit like this one won't be able to compete with plasmas and LCDs in a fully lit store when it comes to brightness. Or under any circumstance. This Sony is dark when directly comparing it to other technologies.

Another thing is that this set, because of the rear-projection, will grow darker very fast if you stand at an off-center angle to it. Especially in the vertical direction. So if you are standing up in the store, and the TV is close to the floor, what you see will be a much darker image than the TV is actually showing - it's just that you are then viewing it at an angle and not centered.

At home, with no other TV sets to compare to, if you are seated directly in the center of the screen and you don't have very bright lights or direct sunlight on it, this set will seem bright enough for most people.


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Thanks , JP . I was standing above and looking down at the screen admittedly . I guess at the price we shouldn`t complain too much ? . If money was no object I`d have bought the KDL46S2000U next to it on the spot :D .

I think I`ll go back again before deciding and see if they`ll let me tinker about with the settings .


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Watch it from horizontally straight on to get a fair assessment. And judge it in the context that - probably - your home viewing environment will be generally darker than the shop.


The cynic inside me tells me that most of these stores will ensure they have the best picture settings on their more expensive TV's, the 50" Sony will sell simply because of the price point and screen size.

I'm really happy with the Sony 50", the picture is excellent in a lit room and even better darkened. The factory settings are very dark, didn't take me five mins to find the settings I was happy with.

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