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Sony KDF-E50A12U & Sagem HD45 - do they havedirect/discreteAV inputs ?


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Can anyone tell me whether this TV has direct inputs ? i.e. if I press AV1 on my Harmony remote wil it go directly to that input without me needing to cycle through pressing "input select" each time ?

If it does have this feature does it apply to all inputs including scart, Comp, HDMI and the PC one on the side ?

My current Toshiba is a TOAD device i.e I have to cycle through one by one to get to the component input on AV4where I have my amp doing all the AV switching but my old Sony allowed direct selection which makes things much cleaner and easier.

Hope this makes sense.



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somebody i know has got the sony kdfe50a12u. I only used it for about 20 mins though.
You have to press a button on the remote (thing it was 'select' or 'ok') and then a small menu comes up with AV1, AV2, component, etc...). You then select the one you want in the list.

Every time you press the button (ok/select button), it automatically goes to the top of the list of inputs. So you can still program your remote to preform a macro to switch to the specific input you want.

the macro will be something like this to go to scart 1:
OK/Select -> Down -> Down -> OK/Select

and this to go to scart 2:
OK/Select -> Down -> Down -> DOwn -> OK/Select

and this to go to component:
OK/Select -> Down -> Down -> Down -> Down -> Down -> OK/Select

I hope you understand what i mean. basically, you CAN program your remote to go to a specific input when you are watching any input. It will work perfectly with your harmony remote.

Edit: forgot to mention, EVERY input is in that one list when you press the ok/select button (scarts, side/front-inputs, pc inputs, etc)

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