Sony KDF-E50A12U - PC to TV via VGA?


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Had a quick search but couldn't find the answer to a slightly specific question.

I'm still contemplating geting one of these as I really fancy a 50 incher, and the second hand price is very good now I think...

Anyway, I would want to connect a Freeview PVR via RGB scart, a DVD player (SD) via component, and a PC that I use for media playback (it's not a HTPC or Media Centre, just a boggo SFF desktop I use to play AVi's etc) which only has S-Vid or VGA output...

Now, I see the specs on the TV, and the reports in the threads here saying it will only do a 4:3 1024x768 desktop using the VGA input. My question is, can this manipulated into a 16:9 "full screen" display?

Currently my PC is hooked into my CRT using 2-vid, which also only does 4:3, so I run PowerStrip to manipulate it into showing a 1024x576 (16:9 ratio) in this 4:3 picture : it squashes the image into the 4:3 picture - the opposite of stretching a 4:3 image into a 16:9 picture.

Then the TV is set to wide, so it stretches it back again, showing a perfect, non-distorted 16:9 image...

So, can the above be applied to the Sony KDF-E50A12U's VGA input? Or does the VGA "channel" not allow any kind of image stretching/ratio changing?

I suppose the only other option, if you can't trick the VGA connection, would be to switch the gfx card to one with DVI output and run that into the HDMI input on the TV. However, I'd rather keep the HDMI for when I get round to getting a Blu-Ray player or similar, and also, does DVi-HDMI allow a "fullscreen" PC desktop to be shown on the TV?
I have the 2010 which I believe to be almost the same TV. It upscales my PC to 16:9... 2.35:1....4:3.. via DVI to HDMI although it does help to also use FfdShow on your PC which helps your codecs to upscale properly. :smashin:
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Anyone else with VGA experience?


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Still really thinking of getting one, and really need to know if I can "stretch" the VGA input "channel" to 16:9, so I can manipulate the display using PowerStrip


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Hi, the vga input on this tv only shows 4:3, it cant be stretched. I use dvi->hdmi on mine and it works well.


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Thanks for the clarification :)

There's one for sale less than ten miles from me and I really fancy it, as even with the current crop of LCD's and plasma's, I *really* like the (physical) look of this TV, and obviously the size per £ they offer now.....

However, one of the most important things to me is being able to get my Media PC hooked up and working right. Currently I have a 36" CRT and hook the PC up via S-Vid, using a bit of trickery with PowerStrip (the S-Vid "transmission" is 4:3, so I have PowerStrip output a 16:9 res squeezed into a 4:3 frame, then stretch it back to 16:9 again on the TV using it's WIDE function. Works perfectly for films, but of course the S-Vid connection doesn't provide the best picture for internet browsers or desktop applications.

So it's real important I can get full screen 16:9 for the PC as I watch a lot of films that way. The PC is a very VERY basic machine, with just a single PCI slot free (I think) and a low profile AGP slot, so I might be able to get a DVI card for the AGP slot (where I currently have a VGA + S-Vid card (MX440) and hook it up into the HDMI input, but I'd need to know for sure I could correct the overscan issue this TV has with HDMI.

I also need to be able to input the following;

Freeview PVR - RGB scart
DVD player - option of HDMI or Component
PS2 - option of component or S-Vid (I'd rather not use composite)

So if I ran the PC using DVi>HDMI, PVR using RGB Scart, DVD using component, and PS2 using S-Vid (problem here is the S-vid connection is on the side, and IIRC, the scarts on the back don't support S-Vid)

Thoughts? Input?


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Sounds to me like that setup would work fine, im not sure if the scarts on the back support s-vid.
For correcting the overscan my nvidia gfx cards setup had an option for this where it displayed 4 arrows on the screen and you lined the tip of each arrow up with the edge of the screen. The end result was a resolution of 1176 by 664 with no overscan issues. Picture was great, id imagine powerstrip would give a similar result.

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