Sony KDF E50A12U - Checkerboard Screen?



Have had the Sony for a couple years no problem, great TV. Tonight out of nowhere the whole screen was covered in a checkerboard pattern of little pixelated squares alternating with the TV image. The only thing that changed it was pressing the volume, it reduced the checkerboard pattern to a 1/4 of the screen in the lower left hand corner. Going thru the menu commands would sometimes made the pixel checkerboard disappear but not for good and not for when you had a picture coming through that you wanted to see. Same problem whether it was Sky, DVD player or plain TV without anything hooked up, so it has to be the TV. But what is the problem?? I have seen pictures of the green blob and blue stars and it's nothing like that at all. This is very computerized/pixelated squares, like a checkerboard, that are in the shape of a square when it is reduced by the volume button. If a picture is required I will snap one tomorrow.

ANY HELP TO SHED LIGHT (no pun intended) ON THIS IS MUCH APPRECIATED. Ideally I'd like to fix it with the press of a button and not have to ring round trying to get it fixed!!!! (wouldn't we all :))


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