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Discussion in 'Sony TVs Forum' started by dellaware, Feb 25, 2005.

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    I read a lot of threads before buying the Sony KDEP42XS1 and DAV -SC8 DVD. These are my thoughts so far.

    DVD picture is absoultely brilliant. No technical problems atall. Superb detail and no motion problems. Occasional lip synch problems with some DVD's.

    No fans or other noise.

    I don't bother with freeview as I feed terrestial tv via sky plus, often picture not too good, even with to top of range RGB scart cables. Any suggestions to improve picture?

    Also have a second DVD playert via component. Despite what you read there is no discernible difference between RGB scart and component picture.

    The DAV-SC8 broke down within one month, repaired in days.

    I am not too bothered about digital input. The picture is as good as any Pioneer. By the time we get around to decent HDTV, we'll all be buying completely new TV's anyway, exactly the same as with computers which are 'future ready', they never are.

    Finally the Sony KDEP42XS1 looks stunning, especially if you hang it from the wall and hide the cables.

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