Sony KDEP42XS1 - Initial Impressions

Discussion in 'Sony TVs Forum' started by samhain, Jun 4, 2004.

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    Went to a Sony Centre today and sat down and had a look at the above 42" plasma.

    My initial thoughts were;

    Nice looking screen
    Usual Sony frame (at moment), silver outercasing and inner dark area
    Interesting floating stand
    Plenty of inputs but.....

    Subjective views

    A test DVD was playing using RGB not component and the picture was stunning. The clarity and detail was something that I haven't seen too much of before. My PW6 is boxed up just now since I bought it so I have not had a chance to see it in full tilt so can't compare it against that. Infact I have yet to see a DVD on it as I unpacked it, tested the screen for dead pixels then packed away for my new house.

    I grabbed the remote control in the shop thinking to myself setting must be off the scale, only to find that the settings were lowish. However, I have owned Sony TV's for years and I know that in the internal engineers menu they are set quite high anyway from the factory. Nice and bright from the factory eh, and my TV settings are much lower, yet this TV's setting were pleasingly low.

    The colours were vibrant yet natural and the blacks were...well...better than I have seen on a Sony plasma before. Noise was also impressively low considering the detail on show, so the screen seemed to be doing a nice job of things. I was also impressed with the depth of the image but then it was getting a good source, not the best though as the DVD player was not component progressive so it was an interlaced signal only.

    The Sony doesn't have a VGA input though so progressive options might be limited, unless you shell out for a DVD player with a nice big scaler in it too. There are 6 AV in's !!

    I didn't get a chance to see the digital tuner in action so I cant comment there.

    Overall, I was sceptical as soon as I saw it since the poor offerings they have had before and I thought they were doing a Pioneer on me with a black border to 'enhance' the blacks on screen.

    I was however, mighty impressed by this machine, and the picture really was quite captivating indeed.

    Well worth a view but you know you have to pay for it. Don't flame me for these comments just my subjective view of it, but it really does seems to be very good indeed.



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