Question Sony KD49X8005c vs Panny TX50CX680B vs Sammy UE48JU6400


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Looking for a reasonably priced LCD/LED to replace my ageing Panny 50PZ700 plasma. Don't have the space to go bigger than 50", and set needs to be good for gaming as that is how it will spend most of it's life (thanks to Destiny). Looking to pay between £500-700, and preferably from RS, because of the 6 year warranty deal (been a VIP member since they started the scheme).

Current short list :

Sony KD49X8005c - £599
Panasonic TX50CX680B - £699
Samsung UE48JU6400 - £649

At the moment I'm veering towards the Sony, especially as it's now down to £599 (was £749 until last week), but I'm a little concerned about the lack of reviews on it. Both the CX680B and JU6400 got good reviews here on AVF (and other sources), so I'm a little more confident in them, but I really like the look of the Sony, and Android TV would be a bonus as I'm fully "android-ed" up at home (phone, tablet, chromecast etc.) so having the same os in the tv would be nice to have.

Anyone got a 49X8005c got any opinions on things like picture quality, input lag etc.? as those things are really hard to judge in a showroom situation, so some user opinions would be helpful.


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Yeah, I'm struggling to decide, especially as info on the Sony is hard to come by. User reviews all sound good, but can't find any professional reviews for it at all.

Got money burning a hole in my pocket so will probably be buying one of them this weekend, and at the moment the Panny is sounding/looking like the safer bet.


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hi swinbob, did you get the sony? considering this myself...


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I went for a KDL50W755C in the end. Thought about it and given the lack of 4k content at the moment, decided that spending £500 on a higher range 1080p set would be a better investment than spending £600+ on a bottom of the range 4K set at the moment.

Once 4K content is a little more widespread I'm hoping that OLED's will have started to come down in price.


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If i was you, i wouldn't even consider this Sony 49, as it has IPS panel (blacks will be bad on it). And you can read a lot of Sony owners talking about issues with tv software (lip sync issues, sluggy, functions not working, turning off etc.)

I have the very same dilemma as you, just considering Panasonic CX700 or Samsung JU7000. I dropped the idea of buying Sony as it too risky with all the noise they get and a couple of not very positive reviews.

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