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I have a Sony KD32DX40 that has a built in digital tuner. Is it possible to record to a DVD/HDD recorder from this set. If not I assume I will need a recorder with built in digital tuner, either the Panasonice EH60D or Sony HXD710.


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I don't have an IDTV but if I did I would propbably use the TV for just viewing freeview channels. There will be a way to route to the DVD recorder(consult the TV manual to check how this is done). You could purchase a non freeview recorder and just connect a separate freeview STB to say its AV2 scart to record freeview channel. This will leave your TV free to watch a different freeview channel.


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On my iDTV (also a Sony - the 32nx200), you can select what you want to send through AV3 - digi tuner or analogue. You can even select AV4 which is really handy for video camera recording too. This was great for the VCR but seeing as AV3 is not RGB it's not so good for the DVD recorder.
I have the EH60D so I can record from its digital tuner and watch my TV's digital tuner.
The TV guide on the TV is much better though. For example with the EH60D, there is no way to find out any information on programmes other than what's on NOW/NEXT - using the 'i' button. On the TV, you can view the EPG and navigate forward in time/days, push the 'i' button and see the programme information. I REALLY hope they add that function via an update. Also you can see the picture too (small) when on the TV guide on the TV but not on the DVD recorder. A fantastic recorder though. :thumbsup:


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