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    I bought a sony kd32dx200 a few weeks back and have been very impressed with the picture, sound etc. however, I have noticed one flaw which is beginning to bug me. When I watched donnie brasco on dvd the other night, it came up in a letterbox format and I realised from the bars at the top and bottom of the screen that the picture was sloping. I called up the sky programme planner and that too appeared to be sloping. I also noticed a kink in the lines. I spoke to the shop where I got the set and was told I could rectify the problem through the picture rotation feature. I did this but it did not solve the kink.
    The shop agreed to do an exchange and I got a new set on Monday. However, this suffered from the same problem. The picture rotation has cured the sloping but it hasn't stopped the wavy lines - there are now two kinks although it appears straighter as it starts and ends at the same point.
    Having had two of these tvs, I went back to the shop and checked out their model which suffers exactly the same fault. My wife also tells me our friends who have a similar set have the same trouble.
    It's not major and it doesn't affect my viewing but it bugs the life out of me when I have to go to the programme planner or when sky sports flash up a football table and the lines all wobble. It also affects the blue box which shows the sky channel whenever I switch over.
    The tv is under warranty and I have the option of calling out an engineer. What I want to know is can it be solved or is it something I will have to live me. I don't particularly want to go for another exchange as I fear I will be lumbered with exactly the same thing.
    any advice is appreciated.

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