Sony KD32DX150 & Digital Recording



I have a problem with my new TV, a Sony KD32DX150. This may be a stupid question, but here goes............ Is it possible to record digital channels with the TV turned off. I am struggling with this, I have the set connected as per the instruction manual but no luck!! Any ideas
Many thanks
Yes you can do this, but if I remember correctly, you need to set the timer on the tv for the prog to be ouput via the scart.
Just a thought. But can you not use smartlink/ you can with the sony freeview box. This turns both the box and the vcr on/off to time
I have a 28DX20. IT is only possible to record from the scart cable with the TV on. It is possible to mute the sound, don't turn the volume down otherwise you get no sound on the recording. I used smartlink link on my VCR to record the channel on the TV.

If you set the timer, you can switch the TV off. The standby button will blink on and off, However, my timer is crap. If I set more than one, the first timer does not go on. As a result, I bought another freeview box and record of that directly to my recorder. I can then record a digital channel and watch a different one.
Thanks for that. It is very poor that in order to timer record anything the tv has to be on. What would happen when you go on hols for a fortnight??????
The TV only has to be on in standby when timer recording.

It has to be on at other times has the digital tuner is inside the TV. If you switch the TV off, it stops the signal going to the recording device, you then just record a blank screen.

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