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Dec 8, 2003
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I have the TV above and have recently noticed ghosting affects on things like credits at the end of a film, this happens on both dvd and normal analogue TV, any ideas?
hi there. i've got the 32" version and am pretty pleased with it. i have only experienced very slight ghosting on mine, not particularly on credits, but i'm fairly sure it was only on an analogue channel. strongly suspect this is down to my aerial which i'm trying out in the loft. (not ideal but i'm too tight pay someone to get to the top of my roof). No ghosting at all on dvd, Are you using a good quality scart? I'm using a thor for £18 inc del as recommended on these pages from If it were me i'd be disconnecting everything thats not necessary on your set up and see what happens. Other than that it's too technical for me! I do have one picture issue on mine, left hand side of the screen, when a brightly coloured background (often blue) moves, it seems to seperate into short horizontal lines and flicker until movement stops again!!?!? Do you get this? Anyone? Dvd is sony davsc5. I should try the other dvd player that came with the telly. Anyway good luck with it, see ya bockster
Advice time

Sony IDTVs output RGB on Scart1 - occasionally there is cross talk, before watching a DVD put it on an untuned analogue channel (will be easy at switch off).

This cleans the picture up no end.

TV sound is fine for TV for films I have about £900 worth of speakers to use (bought over £20 years)

PS my daughter won't let me change my Avatar!

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