Sony KD28DX50 - Virtual Dolby Surround


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I was thinking of getting a Sony KD28DX50. What's the 'Virtual Dolby Surround' like ? Is it worth it ?

Opinions ?



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Virtual surround varies massively depending on how its implemented. It varies from unusable to a small improvement. Certainly if the tv has fairly poor quality speakers fitted then theres absolutely no chance of it working well. Often tv speakers don't have much in the way of bass or high frequency performance so theres no chance this effect will work. Virtual surround costs almost nothing to implement. Its a feature of most audio chipsets used in tvs. If they use the Dolby name they have to pay a small license/royalty fee of a few pence but thats it.


If it's similar to the KD32DX150, it gives a spatially enhanced stereo effect, but nothing more. The volume of the on board woofer is independently adjustable through the service menu however.

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