Sony KD28DL11 standby light flashing


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I have had this happen before but never caught the amount of flashes.

My standby light flashed red 5 times when I turned it on this afternoon.

I know this is an error of some kind but does anyone know what it means?

Thank you


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Have you got any timers set?


In the manual if this happens it tells you to get in touch with the service department. But if it is very intermittent it may be hard to find the fault.

steve k

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I had this happen to me once and found that a timer recording had been set accidently just try canceling all the timer recording see if that works it did for me :smashin:


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I found a site that had a list of all the error codes for Sony TVs. I sadly cannot remember the URL, but I did make a copy of the error codes list.

Apparenly if you have 5 flashes of the LED then this indicates a 'AKB Circuit' problem?!

Not sure what that means at all, or if it can help at all?!


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It definetley isn't the timer.

My reception has been pretty bad since I got this TV, I wonder if it is related?

If anyone does know what the 'AKB Circuit' problem is, I would be greatfull.

Thank you all.

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