Sony KD-75XE9405 vs KD-75XH9505 - Fewer Dimming Zones


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I'm currently in the process of going through a warranty claim on my XE94 due to poor backlight consistency and vertical banding.

However, rather than swapping the TV like for like or repairing/replacing the panel, Sony are just going to swap it for the "latest equivalent model", the XH95.

This sounded like a good outcome, but then I noticed the XH95 only has 60 dimming zones vs 256 on the XE94 - quite a drop, and the high dimming zones was one of my main reasons for getting the XE94 in the first place.

Should I be worried, should I expect blooming?



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Boris Blank

From AVForums review of a 65inch XH95 Sony XH95/ X950H (KD-65XH9505) 4K LCD TV Review

"The backlight and the local dimming algorithm used by Sony with the XH95 are excellent with their dimming producing some of the best FALD images we have seen, especially with 16:9 content. Blacks are deep with excellent shadow detail and above black performance. For those used to LED LCD TVs with more aggressive dimming, this might at first look like the Sony has lighter blacks, but in fact, there is no black crush at all with the Sony. This improves even more with HDR content looking incredibly dynamic and detailed. I saw demos at CES with this TV against one of the Sony BVM professional grading monitors and the performance was superb, and again in our extensive testing here at AVForums, the performance is incredibly accurate."

I don't think you have anything to worry about. If I were you, I'd take the opportunity to consider moving to OLED but obviously depends on your preferences and paying the difference between the the two sets.

Either way, I'm sure you will enjoy your new telly!

Boris Blank

Read the whole review though, theres a bit further down about blooming in the black bars but that happens even on my ZD9 at times. It's the nature of the beast and in any case all tellies are a compromise in one way or another, even OLED.


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If you love deep blacks xh9505 is not for you. It is decent only in sdr. In hdr blooming and raised blacks are evident.

Sloppy Bob

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That's the case with all LCD panels.

If you want deep blacks and no blooming or haloing, it's an OLED at extra cost.


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Definitely. X95J is descendant of middle range 9005. 9405 is more advanced model closer to top Z9D

You should look at Z8H as replacement of XE9405


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Hi buddy,

Just curious, what did you eventully decide to do?

Sony actually supplied an XR-75X94J which I felt was a fairer deal, although I still felt a little short changed as the X95J would have been the equivalent model on paper. Still, my 9405 was 4 years old, so a brand new TV was nice to have.

However, the 94J won't fit on the wall mount the 9405 was installed on and the wall was specifically reinforced for that wall mount so I'm not changing it.

So, I'm selling the 94J as a brand new TV and have gone for a Samsung QN94A instead.

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