Sony KD-49XE8004 Picture Blanking PS4 Pro

Discussion in 'Sony TVs Forum' started by Hammo8, Jul 15, 2018.

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    Hi, looking for some help please!

    Just upgraded both TV & PS4 so current set up is a PS4 Pro connected direct to my new KD-49XE8004.

    I’ve gone through the set up to enable enhanced HDR on the TV & Pro settings are all to automatic but I’m getting fairly constant picture blanking when trying to watch the PS4, especially when watching Netflix.

    I’ve read various forums & seen issues reported with Samsung & LG TVs but no other cases where the TV is Sony. Can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong?!

    If I alter the resolution to YUV420 (a suggested interim fix on other threads, again mainly for Samsung or LG TVs!) on the PS4 then the issue seems to go away but obviously I want to enjoy the set up to it’s full capability.

    Have reset the TV to factory settings, tried both HDMI 2 & 3 connections, swapped HDMI cables but can’t seem to resolve this.

    I’ve seen that Sony has halted release of a firmware update for this model & others but not sure if this is a known problem or what? Some threads seem to suggest other manufacturers have solved this issue via new firmware with deals with what the PS4 is sending better to stop the blanking but that maybe wishful thinking on my part that an update will cure this?!

    Any help would be greatly received! Many thanks in advance.

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