Sony KD-48A9 ARC Question...


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I have a Sony KD-48A9 TV which is connected to a Yamaha RX-A3060 via HDMI Port 3.

HDMI Port 1 has a Sony BDP-S570 Bluray Player connected to it. If I pop in a bluray disc that only has DTS HD audio tracks on it. The Yamaha sees it a Dolby Digital+. All my 5.1 speakers are active.

Question is should I be seeing DTS HD on the Yamaha AV as that is what is on the disc?

The Yamaha is configured to pass HDR/Dolby Vision through (I have 4k FireTV Stick). The HDMI Port 3 is set to Enhanced Mode so HDR/Doblby Vision works. If I plug the blueray player into the Yamaha, the picture turns pink! Also audio defaults to Analog (I can't switch it out). :(


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