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Sony KD-28DX40 IDTV - First Impressions and Questions

Discussion in 'Satellite TV, Sky TV & FreeSat' started by super7, Mar 24, 2002.

  1. super7

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    Mar 20, 2002
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    Banbury, UK
    Ordered one last week and finally managed to pick it up yesterday afternoon from John Lewis.

    First impressions are a mixture of good and bad (or good and frustrating).

    The set looks excellent, and has fantastic picture quality on DVD (Sony DVP-NS300) via RGB SCART - Watched A.I. last night in widescreen for the first time - much better than out old Mitsubishi 21" 4:3!

    Sound quality is pretty good. Not sure what 'Virtual Dolby' really adds to the equation, though. I'll probably upgrade to an AV amp in the next few months to get Dolby Digital / DTS (Just need to fine a way to hide the rear surround cables)

    Digital TV picture quality is excellent, but.... I can't get any BBC channels. These are all on multiplex 1 (according to www.dtg.org.uk/retailer/dtt_channels.htm ), but I don't get any of them. I use the Oxford transmitter, which definitely broadcasts this, but no joy as yet.

    Went to our local Currys this morning and they receive it no problem. Spent a frustrating afternoon trying to improve things by adjusting the aerial amp / changing leads etc. but no improvement. Signal strength according to the TV is about 90%, so I presume it must be our aerial to blame. Looking at some new houses in our village, they have much bigger aerials (with yellow plastic around the reflectors for some reason!) so I'll call a local firm tomorrow to get a quote. Any thoughts anyone before I shell out? How much should I be paying? What brands are best?

    Another question for anyone else with a KD-28DX40 (or possibly other Sony idTV) - what software version do you have ? Mine has r0.31, with 'loader' v1.01 (what does the loader do?). How often do Sony send over the air updates?

    As always, grateful for any replies.

    PS How much is the stand for the TV worth? - probably won't ever use it...
  2. paiger


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    Although the BBC mux is one of the strongest, it seems that many people have trouble with it. Trouble with DTT is that you suffer from 'digital cliff' whereby once the signal reaches a certain level you lose the whole thing. You may need to upgrade your airial to a 'high gain' model. Go for the biggest and best you can afford, Televez (spelt right I think) is a good make. Your installer should have some good makes anyway. Also a mast head amp may help and at a push, replace the entire downlead with one length of double shielded co-ax (FT100 is good). When I had DTT I did all these things and in the end managed to get a near flawless signal, MTV mux was weak on ours.


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