Sony in trouble!



Sony have just laid off 300 peeps at it's TV plant in Bridgend Wales.

They manufacture TV CRT's and complete TV's. They blame the decline in CRT based TV sales but have not announced any plans to introduce Plasma or LCD manufacture at it's Bridgend plants.

So what are Sony up to? They don't seem to manufacture Plasma or LCD product using their own 'in house' manufactured screens. It seems strange that such a large company doesn't manufacture the 'core' components for it's products?

Do they know something we don't or have they just misread the market?



They miss read plasma and it cost them over 50M in 3 months end of last year. They had to pay Hitachi and LG top price for the PDP's.

In the start they didn't believe Plamsa would sell based on quality and price. It appeared that people didn't care so much about quality but the fact you could hang it on the wall.

You go into a shop like currys or comet and listen to people chat about plasma/LCD. Old, young or just dumb people want flat. I've got plasma and would struggle going back to a CRT just for the small screen against space.

Sony have invested loads into LCD and teamed with Samsung I believe.



True, sony have invested loads into lcd with samsung on a new 7th gen plant in korea but for sony it may already be too little too late as their reputation in the flat panel market in general isnt that great, and their products are overly expensive, have poor connectivity, and debatable picture quality.


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It isn't cheap to make a new plant for 'plasma' or 'lcd' and they are also playing catch up on Plasma.


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