Sony IDTV - SonyUK confirm: No pic on Parliament channel (and never will be)


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I telephoned Sony last week to see if I needed newer software for my DX100, as I couldn't get the 1/4 picture on the Parliament channel. I had the window where the pic should be, but no image. I was told that I had the latest software and the reason I had no pic was perhaps down to it not being broadcast yet from my local transmitter.

Now the 30 Oct has been and gone, and still no pic. I decided to ring them, prompted by another Sony user who'd posted on Digital Spy forum.

Just finished speaking with them - none of their IDTV's will be able to receive the pic on the Parliament channel (and never will)!

I was actually amazed that they've admitted it. We all know how they handled the SB problem!

When I asked why I was fobbed off last week, I was told that they didn't know last week - yeah right!

One of the reasons I went for an IDTV was the concept of 'future-proofing' via the 'over air software download' facility. Only five months into ownership of the set, and I am already missing out on a feature available to owners of inexpensive STB's.

When asked about the brand new Sony IDTV models compatibility - his reply was that he imagined it would be the same.

Not having a picture on the Parliament channel might not seem like a big deal to some, but this is just the beginining. Who knows what else Sony IDTV owners will miss out on as things progress with DTT. I gather a better epg is already in the pipeline.

A supervisor from Sony is supposed to be getting in touch with me to explain the technical reasons. I'll keep you posted.

"We've manufactured the tv to work with the current DTT technology" "It's not our fault" - were comments I remember from the phone call.

Surely a new software would sort this out? Maybe they can't be bothered writing new software?


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I want to complain as well

Who is your contact?


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Hi Martin

I thought you'd be interested/disapointed in this, since you own and have promoted Sony idtvs.

The guy at Sony I spoke to was Peter Shorney at the usual customer service telephone no.

I, like you have promoted the Sony idtvs. Both my neighbour and her parents each bought the 32DX40 after hearing me bang on about the benefits of integrated digital tvs. I feel betrayed by Sony.

Can we expect Sony to provide information to customers/retailers at point of sale of this fact, now that they know?

"Digital text allows the user to move freely through the pages and, on certain services, view a TV channel whilst looking through the pages of text."

- taken from this link:


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Got a call back from Sony Uk. Denise Mc Alister (team leader) informs me that Sony are commited to DTT and will continue to provide software updates to resolve issues such as this.

She added that they have been working with the BBC regarding this and other changes in the broadcasting of DTT.

Sony could not give a timescale as to when new software updates would become available. They would be waiting to see what other problems (new 7 day epg?) crop up before working on the new software.

This conversation was a complete turnaround to the earlier one, which came across as 'tough sh*t!'


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They tried fobbing me off yesterday - I think they have had 100's of complaints.

I sain I knew it was a problem - they said have you retuned!:rolleyes:

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