Sony HXD970 - Simultaneous Rec and Play Issues


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I'm trying to play a DVD while recording to the HDD as described in the operating instructions but can't get it to work.

When I change to DVD with a dvd inserted and press play I get the message on the TV "Cannot play because the TV system is set differently". The TV is a Panasonic TX-37LZD80. Do the TV settings have to be set in a certain way?

I can record onto the HDD while watching something already recorded onto the HDD.

Please can someone help?


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Is the DVD a standard PAL (UK standard TV system) recording? I don't think you can mix video types, so for instance you could not record PAL whilst trying to play an NTSC (US standard) disc.


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Thanks for your response. Yes the DVD is a standard PAL recording. Could it be something to do with the TV or DVD recorder settings being different and maybe need changing?


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I believe that Gavtech has a posting somewhere on this forum stating that some commercial discs sold in the UK are actually NTSC format.

See if your recorder will play other UK purchased discs whilst recording.


I would also agree that this sounds like the recorder is detecting the disk as none-uk and so wont play it while it is recording

doesnt really matter if it is pal uk or not , if you test some others and they work , and then you test it with some iffy ones and they dont play while it is recording then you know its the recorder thinking they are non-pal or non-uk

I wouldnt call it a fault either , its just the way these things sometimes come out in the wash , so if it works 90% of the time with pal-uk disks then maybe thats the best you can hope for with simultaneous record and playback

but if it happened with all pal uk disks then there would be a problem or fault on it


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Thanks for both of your responses. I have tried some other dvds and I can both Record and Play.

It must have been a couple of iffy dvds.

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