Sony HXD970 - Picture size wrong on commercial DVD


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I recently bought 'The Thing' on DVD. It's a 2.35:1 aspect ratio film, but I suspect it's non-anamorphic because my the Sony outputs it as a 4:3 picture and my TV (an LG 32LC2DB) displayed it in the middle of the screen. This means that I've got black bars on all four sides and the film is really rather tiny. When connected via HDMI my tv won't allow me to change the picture size.

Is there any way of telling the Sony to treat it differently? I also tried Scart which was better (my tv allowed me to zoom at least) but it's not ideal.

I tried another 2.35:1 film (Apollo 13) and it displayed correctly - no black bars on the sides, only top and bottom as you would expect.

On another (sort of related) note, how do I control the upscaling aspects of the Sony?

Many thanks. Sorry for yet another Sony HXD thread.


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Page 147 of the manual on HDMI settings seems to imply that 4:3 Video Output should be set to Full if viewing on a 16:9 set, and that you should then be able to use the zoom features of the TV remote to alter the aspect ratio.


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I was about to post a very similar question about the same recorder. My issue is that some programmes are recorded in what appears to be 4:3 even though my TV (Toshiba WLT 66) adjusts the pics automatically to fill the screen.... Is there any way to set the recorder so that it always makes the adjustment automatically??? [/I][/B]Currently, I have the DVD set at 16:9 & am then able to select cinema, super live 1, super live 2 etc in order to get the best pic.
The troubleshooting guide simpl says that the picture size of the title is fixed!!!!

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