Sony Hxd870 Locked In Update?

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I turned our Sony HXD870 on last night to record a programme and the message 'UPDATE' came up on the front panel. Fine I thought, it must be just updating the programme guide or something. 5 Minutes later, no change. Oh, we thought, it must be trying to update the software or something.

24 hours later the display is still saying 'Update'! It can't still be updating the programme guides a day on can it??? :(

I've even tried turning it off at the mains for a while but when I turn it back on again the message is still there.

Can anyone help please? :lease:
Try this....

Make sure there is no disc in the drive.

Then with the machine switched ON...

Hold down the STOP button on the recorder itself
Whilst holding, press the power button on the recorder.

The unit resets all settings and turns off.

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Hi Pincho and thanks for your reply.

I looked at the 870 first thing this morning and it seems to have cleared now! Why it took over a day to Update the EPG I don't know, it was a real let down as we missed a programme we wanted to record.

At least I know how to re-set it quickly if it happens again, thanks! :thumbsup:


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Hmmm, mine did this today, it sat in update from about 3am (I know as I got up to get a drink) and then I noticed when I went to work at 7am it was in update too. I didn't think anything of it till I got home at 6pm and it was STILL in update mode!

I had to power the machine off at the socket to clear it. It seems ok now but I am not sure if it will do the next "update" ok.

Anyone else noticed this? This is the first time I have ever noticed it.



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Don't worry guys, it's quite normal for this to happen. It will go into update mode to download the latest EPG info at regular intervals, even when the machine is in standby, and it takes a while for it to complete. Just ignore it.
It's not a fault. Mine does it everyday at 14:00 and possibly at other times too.
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