Sony HXD710 questions


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Hi guys

I think i have choosen to get the Sony HXD710 over the Panasonic EH60D but have a couple of questions....

1. I notice that you can not record from analogue on the sony ..... I have sky - can i hook that up & record from that ?

2. Connectivity. I currently have a sony DAVS-800 DVD home cinema system & sky receiver. I am obviously looking to hook my new recorder to the DAVS-800 to still get my surround sound...seeing that the S-800 has no scart input/output , what is going to be best way to connect up with this aswell as sky?

3. Are there any other hard drive/freeview recorders in the pipeline before I decide to take the plunge?

Cheers in advance


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1. Yes, just hook it up to the '710's input.

2. Provided that your Sony system had a digital input you can just route the sound in from the '710's output.

3. There will always be something better coming out in the future. I went for the '710 and don't regret it, but it did satisfy all of my requirements (apart from twin freeview tuners). If you are likely to need HDMI it may be worth looking at the '910, or if you want a 'back-up' analogue tuner looking at the Panasonics.


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3. I was thinking of getting the Sony HXD710 or 910 but will wait until the new Philips DVR9000H comes out, due soon. It looks like a similar spec to the Sonys but has 400Gb hdd, HDMI & upscaling, guide+ and jpeg catalogue feature. It looks like it will retail for 800 euro in Germany so should be cheaper than the HXD910.$File/Press%20release%20Philips%20Cineos%209000%20range.pdf
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