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Evening all

Just bought my new HXD1065 recorder and before setting up I have had a good read through the manual. Whilst I am normally quite competent with setting up, I do have a query that I hope someone else could answer for me.

My basic set up includes Sky HD box connected via HDMI to the X2000 46" LCD, Sony STDR-DB940 for sound processing and the new recorder. I currently have my freeview aerial going to the LCD television. The HXD1065 manual suggests routing the digital aerial direct to the digital input on the recorder and then the digital output to the television. If I use an HDMI lead from the recorder into the second HDMI input on the X2000, would the digital output referred to earlier be necessary?? Will all of the recorder output be on the HDMI cable? ie freeview and DVD?

Also, would it be possible to 'T' off the digital aerial signal so that one cable goes to the recorder and the second direct to the X2000 which also has a digital tuner. By doing this, it would mean that I could watch a third channel on freeview on the X2000 if I am recording two programs on the Sky HD box, thus negating the effect of having to switch on the DVD recorder to watch freeview. It does happen from time to time!!

I hope the above makes sense guys!! Any answers gratefully received.

Cheers y'all


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Connect as follows..."T Off" not's normal practice just to daisychain the
Aerial to DVDR Aerial in.
DVDR RF Out to TV Aerial in.
Record 1 Freeview channel (or Sky) on DVDR and watch a different Freeview channel on the TVs tuner.



Thanks for your prompt reply, I will just go ahead now and daisy chain the aerial feed.


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