Sony HXD-870 to g800 hdmi problems

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    Not sure where best to post about this problem, whether its down to 870, g800 or d3000. I'll try here first.

    Help wanted for the following problem please....

    I've recently taken delivery of my 40d3000, hxd870 and g800 av stand. I've connected the 870 to the g800 via hdml, and then the g800 to d3000 via hdmi also. All units have hdmi control set to on.

    The problem I'm having is when switching the tv to its AV4 input (coming from g800 with 870 connected to it) I expect to see the picture from the 870. However, there is no picture or sound, and I just get a "signal is an unrecognised format".

    If I change the set up so 870 is connected directly to tv with audio outputted back to g800 via optical, it all works fine but changing the g800 to dvd/bd setting to control the 870, there is no sound as it is fed through tv. This means if I want to control everything with one remote, I have to switch to dvd/bd setting to change channel, control dvd etc but change back to tv to hear the sound. A bit of a pain.

    Why, when connecting the 870 to g800 to d3000 with hdmi is there no audio or visual feed and an unrecognised signal message?

    I plan on getting a PS3 soon and would like both PS3 and 870 connected to the g800 for best sound, with picture fed to the d3000.

    Can anyone help me?

    Is it because I am upscaling the picture from 870 but not recognized through the g800?

    Fyi, I'm a bit of a novice at this stuff.

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