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Does anyone know if it is possible to store I-Tunes on the Sony hard disc, as I am contemplating buying a replacement i-pod with larger capacity.

As my laptop only has an 40gb hard disc, I thought it might may me buying an external hard disc drive, as an option.



I don't think you'll have much success. If you got your music as mp3 format, then you may be able to transfer if across, but you'll have to make sure your ipod is in disk drive mode, not music player mode.
Your next problem is that the sony HXD isn't very good at splitting up music by artist / album. You only get the album name, so you'll have problems with albums with popular names, e.g "live" or "greatest hits".
The final problem would be that the USB on the sony is only 1.1 speed, and not USB 2, so even if you manage to get around all the above, it'll take hours to copy.

You best bet is to buy an external hard drive, and use that. Alternatively buy a newer laptop disk drive, and a caddy, and upgrade your existing laptop to a bigger / faster disk, and use the 40GB in the new caddy. Not as expensive as you might think, e.g: (caddy for laptop IDE disk for £5) (80GB disk for £35)

Or you could buy an 3.5" disk including caddy from £50 for 250GB

Apologies that my links are all to a single online supplier, they are only intended as an example, and not as an advert.


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Thanks for your reply and suggestions.
Oh! well, it was just a thought, so an external disc drive it will have to be.

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