sony hx923 problem line across screen


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Ive just noticed my 46 hx923 has a permanent line across the whole screen.This line is 3 inches up from the bottom and when i look close it looks like a black line of pixels brighter than the rest that goes straight across from side to side,its not the crease i have them both sides,this has a diffinative egde and looks like someone has drawn a straight pencil line, from where i sit i cant see it so for that reason i want to keep it,but can this line get worse i.e become more noticable...thanks in advance


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Wow no reply this to this. I was just browsing the web and looking for a solution as my Samsung UE46D6100 LED 3D TV has the same problem.

I've heard stories that the cold weather affects this but can't be sure. What I do know for sure is that whenever I put my central heating on for a while, the black line goes away (If I don't it stays - so maybe it is partly true)

I've still got warranty as my wife purchased it back in July 2011, so maybe it is certain models that have this issue (I hope)

I would get it sorted if I were you as you don't know if more lines crop up

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