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I have just been to look at a 40hx803 in local sony center after looking at a samsung c8000 and lg lx9900 in currys.

After leaving currys i was not impressed with 3d at all.

That was until i went into look at the 40hx803. with the sony demo disc showing various different sources from ps3 games to toy story 3d and nature programs.

The sony just had a better 3d effect to me and it seemed more stable than the others. at 1 point i did see a bit of a double image around a bear moving accross the screen in the open range clip. (is this crosstalk?) .eitherway it did not effect the experience.

It May hav been that the sony glasses to me seemed alot better. At first i thought they were the least comfortable but i soon forgot i was even wearing them. They blocked out alot more light compared to the others and seemed that i could just see the TV screen.

My girlfriend wears glasses and she found the sonys the best to.

It may have been the material used or better setup in the sony store but i was very impressed after the sony demo.

Hopefully they sort out the input lag on the sonys, as ive heard the new range of sets input lag is pretty bad. Will have to wait for some tests for that.

The samsung c8000 had monsters vs aliens on blu ray (which i didnt think the 3d effect was to good in the cinema). Guy at currys was pushing this set on me for some reason and i said i was going to look at a sony and he said the samsung would be better anyway. I love these guys at big stores, full of usefull information.

And the LG was using a demo off a USB stick which had street dance etc on.

The design of the sony does not look that inpresive compared to the samsung and the metal strip accross the bottom of the screen was not siting totaly flush at the edges(This was not really noticable unless looking for little faults). The actual set seemed very solid tho except that strip.

The monolithic design sets looked very nice but with a glass front i think there will be to many reflections for my room where i have a window facing the tv, so i have kind of rules these out.

They had a deal on in the shop where u can get 2 pairs of glasses a ps3 a reciever and the 4 ps3 3d titles for £200 - £100 u get on trade in of an old tv.
Which i thought was a rather good good deal.

He was not sure weather this deal was on the 46" model which i will be going to look at on 30th june when they should be having them but if it is im very tempted by the sony. :)

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sounds like the sony could be in pole position for the 3D sets, samsung are selling quite a few of there top sets according to threads i have read & speaking to various big retail shops but maybe because there sets are out before the others... im still waiting to see all the sets out mate including the new 9705 philips but yea i will also have to take a look at the 46" sony HX903 before i part company with around £2500-

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